Remodeling & Retrofit Solutions

Restoring beauty and performance to a home.

​Whether you are replacing inefficient, drafty windows or simply desiring a new look for your home, Windsor has a solution for you. Plus, Windsor can help you transform an outdated room into a space that's uniquely yours, with options such as custom sizes, multiple cladding colors, and many different hardware finishes and styles to express your style. 

By replacing existing windows and doors with new, energy-efficient Windsor products, you not only add value to your home, you save money on monthly energy bills, create a more comfortable setting and bring an exciting new look to your home.

Looking for a reliable replacement solution for your remodeling and renovations? Windsor Windows & Doors offers all these benefits and more.

Revive Pocket Replacement Windows

Upgrade unattractive, underperforming windows with Windsor’s Revive pocket replacement windows. Revive replacement windows fit within existing window frames so you can enjoy improved style and energy savings without a lot of hassle.

The innovative design means there’s no need to disturb interior or exterior building materials. Windsor’s Revive makes home improvement easy. You can have a more beautiful, energy efficient home in about an hour!

Choose from 3 different pocket window replacement options: 

  • Durable aluminum clad
  • Beautiful and versatile primed wood
  • Long-lasting, hassle-free cellular PVC

Watch our video to see just how easy it is to replace your windows with Revive! 

Revive Sash Replacement Kit

Turn old, drafty sashes into new, high-performance windows with Windsor’s Revive Sash Replacement Kit. You can get the energy performance you’re looking for in an easy-to-install DIY kit.

Windsor’s Revive Sash Replacement Kit makes home improvement easy, allowing you to keep your existing interior trim and plaster in place. Plus, each kit features an EZ Tilt function so you can enjoy added convenience with your new windows. EZ Tilt allows you access your windows in seconds for simplified cleaning.

Choose from 3 different replacement sash options: 

  • Durable aluminum clad
  • Beautiful and versatile primed wood
  • Long-lasting, hassle-free cellular PVC

Low Maintenance

With Windsor products, you’ll enjoy years of low maintenance and reliability from your windows and doors. No more hassles with sanding, scraping and re-painting older windows. Our aluminum clad wood windows and extruded vinyl windows allow you to enjoy a lifetime of minimal exterior maintenance. Windsor's cellular PVC windows – constructed from solid white extruded PVC – can be painted to match your home’s colors, or left white so no painting is required. Cleaning your windows also got easier, without the dangers of climbing on ladders or balancing on rooftops. By replacing older products with new ones featuring EZ Tilt sashes or Easy-Out Sash Systems, you can maintain your windows from the comfort of indoors.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Windsor windows feature glazing that takes homes to a new level of energy efficiency. Low-E coatings are applied to the interior side of the exterior pane of the insulated glass. Since Low-E coated glass transmits a high level of natural light into the home while reducing solar gain, you can reduce both lighting and air conditioning costs. In addition, Windsor’s Super Spacer® Technology creates a bond between the two panes of insulated glass that prevents the transmission of heat and cold, making your home more comfortable and lowering your energy bills.

Effortless Operation

Problems with latches, hinges or sash prevent you from enjoying your home to the fullest. Plus, a faulty product can compromise your security and peace of mind. Count on Windsor for smooth, easy-to-use doors and windows for years to come. We test our products to ensure they can withstand repeated, sometimes rigorous use - from the ball bearing rollers and hinges on our sliding and swinging patio doors, to the block and tackle balance and multi-point locking systems of our windows.

Safety and Security

Our Pinnacle and Legend products feature hardware from reputable manufacturers, such as Hoppe® and Truth™. By upgrading to new Windsor windows and doors, you will provide greater protection for your home and family, thanks to security features such as recessed locks and keepers, single lever sequential multi-point lock systems and three-point jamb-engaged tongue systems.

Reliability and Comfort

Insulated glass, advancements of low emissivity coatings and warm edge spacer technology allow you to feel more comfortable than ever in your home. Regardless of the season, you will no longer experience vast differences in room temperature.

Attractive Appearance

Replacing old windows and doors can dramatically improve your home’s appearance and structural integrity. Enjoy clean lines, improved visibility and a brighter setting. Plus, the Low-E glazing reflects the sun’s damaging rays and reduces the fading of fabrics, wood and other interior materials. Additionally, the wide variety of hardware finishes and handle styles allow you to add a personal touch to your home.