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Windsor doors can help you create an attractive, welcoming environment. Create an unforgettable first impression backed by long-lasting performance with a door style that fits your home’s design.

Sliding Patio Door

Sliding Patio Doors slide on rollers and are perfect for tight spaces. Sliding Patio Doors come in either a French style with a wider bottom rail or a Narrow style with much more visible glass.

Swinging Patio Door

Swinging Patio Doors have hinges so the operating panels can swing inward or outward. You can choose from one or two operating panels, and up to four panels in one frame.

Bi-fold Patio Door


Available in:

Pinnacle Clad

Bi-fold doors fold like an accordion to create wide open entryways. A multi-point locking system provides uncompromised security, stability and smooth operation.

Multi-slide Patio Door


Available in:

Pinnacle Clad

Multi-Slide Patio Doors allow you to slide multiple panels on a rail, providing the opportunity for wider openings and cleaner entryways. Available in stacking or pocket configurations.