Select the window style that suits your needs.


Windsor understands every project is unique. We build quality and value into every window, regardless of what style you choose. Choose from several different products to create a stunning, high-performance home.


Awning windows swing outward, with one sash hinged at the top. When paired above or below other windows and doors, awnings provide extra ventilation by turning the handle on the bottom of the window frame.


Casement windows feature one sash hinged on the side and swing outward. Casements conveniently open and close with the turn of one easy-to-reach handle on the bottom of the window frame.

Double Hung

Double Hung windows have 2 operating sash: one that slides down and one that slides up. Windsor Double Hungs have an EZ Tilt option which allows both sashes to tilt in from the top for easy cleaning.

Single Hung

Single Hung windows have one operating sash on the bottom that moves up and down. The top sash does not operate.

Glide-by / Slider

Glide-By/Slider windows have one operating sash which moves side to side. The second sash does not operate.

Fixed / Direct Set Unit

Fixed/Direct Set units are fixed in place, and are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including rectangles, radius, trapezoids, octagons, and more.