You can choose from different glass options that have been designed for different environmental conditions and home design preferences. As a homeowner, you can choose anything from clear glass to Low-E glass to obscure glass.

Clear Glass

Completely transparent, without any color added.

Low-E Glass

Designed to provide year-round savings and comfort by optimizing both the sun’s heat and a home’s heating and cooling system. In the summer, Low-E keeps a home cool and comfortable by reflecting the sun’s heat and damaging rays. In the winter, Low-E glass helps a home stay warm by reflecting heat back into the room. Additionally, Low-E glass is virtually invisible to the eye, so it’s just like looking through clear glass with no haze, bronze or smoke-colored tints.

Dual Low-E Glass

The Dual Low-E glazing combines Cardinal LoE 366 soft coat on the inside surface of the exterior pane with Cardinal i89 coating on the inside surface of the interior pane. The Cardinal i89 coating is a durable, low emissivity coating that gives the product improved thermal insulation performance compared to clear insulated glass or standard Low-E insulated glass.

Dual Low-E High Solar (HS)

The Dual Low-E High Solar (HS) glazing option combines Cardinal LoE 180 soft coat on the inside surface of the exterior pane with Cardinal i89 coating on the inside surface of the inside pane. Dual Low-E HS provides higher SHGC ratings allowing this option to be used with the Energy Star northern zone trade-off values.

Tinted Glass

Gives the glass a consistent color throughout which will not chip or peel. The tinting also reduces glare and absorbs heat, keeping your home cooler. Colors offered usually include bronze and gray.

Obscure Glass

Textured glass that lets light through but is not completely transparent. It is most often used for privacy, light diffusion or decorative effects. Some styles include rain glass, glue chip glass, reed glass, etc.

Turtle Glass

Specifically designed to meet the State of Florida’s building code requirements for our coastal Impact Glass customers, these glass types restrict the amount of light allowed to pass through windows and doors in order to protect sea turtles along the coastline during nesting season.

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