Learn more about the different materials and finishes used to make Windsor products.​ Each offers unique benefits to homeowners, whether they're looking for the beauty of wood or a budget-friendly option.

Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum cladding refers to the covering on the exterior of a window and door unit. The aluminum covers the entire exterior of the window or door, protecting the product from the outside elements and reducing the amount of maintenance required. Aluminum cladding is available in a wide variety of colors, including custom color matching, and does not need to be painted. Aluminum cladding is available on Windsor's Pinnacle Select, Pinnacle wood clad and Legend HBR products.

Anodized Finishes

​​Colored anodized finishes are created using a progressive process that builds the finish into the anodize coating. Processing variables such as anodize tank chemistry, tank sequencing, voltage, current, time and temperature, as well as base aluminum material variables such as temper, shape, geometry, mixed alloys and variance of metal constituents in an alloy can all affect the final color. The goal is to maintain the range from color 1 to 3 Delta E. Some colors may reach 5 Delta E or more, depending on these variables. Automated systems control and monitor products throughout the entire process, ensuring the most consistent finish possible.
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A window or patio door can come with a wood interior and/or wood exterior. When the product is built with a wood exterior, the wood must be primed and painted. On the interior, the wood can be stained or painted, depending on your preference. Windsor offers a variety of interior wood species including Clear Select Pine, Natural Alder and Douglas Fir. A wood exterior is offered in Windsor’s Pinnacle primed& product. A wood interior is offered in Windsor's Pinnacle Select, Pinnacle wood clad and primed products, as well as Legend HBR products.

Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC is a vinyl extrusion that uses a cutting-edge process to improve the density of the material. The end result is a highly-engineered, high-endurance material with the look of painted wood and the no-rot performance of cellular PVC. This material is used in Windsor's Legend and Legend HBR products, and is offered as an option in Pinnacle primed products.


Vinyl is a man-made material commonly used in the construction industry. It is very resistant to moisture and humidity and can be manufactured in a variety of colors. It also has a long life cycle and is easily recyclable. Windsor uses this material in our Next Dimension Signature, Classic and Pro product lines.

Painted Vinyl

Windsor’s painted vinyl option offers the same energy efficiency, cost savings and durability of vinyl with an exterior applied with one of seven standard colors utilizing AquaSurTech D200 paint (color options may vary based on white or clay vinyl). The AquaSurTech D200 formula is engineered to provide superior adhesion to PVC vinyl profiles and certified to meet the most stringent paint standard for vinyl extrusions. Painted vinyl options are available with our Next Dimension Signature, Classic and Pro product lines.

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