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Completion Date:
September 2010

W.R. Main Contractor, Inc.
Clive, Iowa

Gilcrest Jewett Lumber
Waukee, Iowa

Windsor Product Used:
Pinnacle Wood Clad

Modern, Minimalistic & Metallic

New Construction - Single Family Home

Project Description

This architecturally-unique home sits in a quiet suburban community just north of Des Moines, Iowa. Metallic-anodized finish on the windows and doors accentuate the exterior, which makes this contemporary design stand out from other homes in the neighborhood. By ordering custom jamb extensions, these homeowners were able to create the streamlined, no-trim, interior look they wanted. Additionally, by leveraging some of the newest building materials available, the residents will be able to enjoy years of a low-maintenance exterior.

Unique Requirements/Solutions

This contemporary custom build demanded creative design elements that Windsor was able to provide. There are many large custom-sized casement and awning windows throughout the house. A clear anodized finish on the clad exteriors of the windows and doors provided the sleek, utilitarian look the homeowner desired.

Comments from Project Associates

“Windsor offers anodized aluminum cladding, which provides a distinct design element. Using custom jamb extensions allowed us to achieve the clean, contemporary, no-trim appearance we were striving for. Windsor was able to fulfill all of our special needs and requests for this home.”