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Completion Date:

Churchill Renovations
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Gordon Architecture Inc.
Wheaton, Illinois

Maher Lumber
Wood Dale, Illinois

Windsor Product Used: Pinnacle Wood Clad

Family Heirloom Renovation

Historic Restoration

Project Description

Kurt Lagerloef and his partner Aaron Spears, of Churchill Renovations, had an exciting opportunity to complete a whole house renovation on a home originally built in 1918. Lagerloef used to build new homes in Arizona, but his passion is whole house renovations. “Remodeling in general pays the bills, but doing a whole house renovation is what I love to do,” explained Lagerloef.

Interestingly, Churchill Renovations takes their company name from Aaron Spears’ great, great, great grandfather, Deacon Churchill, who was the first settler in 1834 to discover what would become Glen Ellyn. Over the years, several members of the Churchill family have built homes in and around Glen Ellyn.

This dwelling had been in the same family for nearly 40 years, but the structure had not been properly maintained for the past 20-25 years. Situated on a 50' x 150' lot just a few blocks from downtown Glen Ellyn, Churchill Renovations deemed it the perfect home to renovate based on its prime location and character.

Unique Requirements/Solutions

Preserving as much of the existing exterior was crucial to restoring the charm and appearance of this century-old home. While old windows needed replacing to enhance their performance, keeping the frames intact was important where possible. In areas where the frames were non-salvageable, completely new windows were installed.

Comments from Project Associates

“Matching the architectural style of the existing windows was very important to maintain the architectural integrity of this structure. Windsor offers sash replacement kits that allowed us to preserve as many of the existing windows as possible. In the areas where we needed to replace the entire window, Windsor’s product offering was perfect because they use the same sashes in their new windows as they do in the sash replacement kits. Because of this, we were able to maintain a consistent appearance for all of the windows, which is extremely important when remodeling. After using another brand exclusively for 25 years, we are very pleased with Windsor and we will use them again.”