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Completion Date:
April 2010 

Domo, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

The Lane Group
Jacksonville, Florida

Jimmy Ferry Windows, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

Windsor Product Used:
Legend Cellular PVC

Remarkable Historic Renovation

New Construction - Historic Restoration

Project Description

This unique commercial property was a custom design. It is one of the few new construction projects in the highly-coveted and historical area of Jacksonville, Florida. From the exterior, the building appears to be a private home, but actually serves as the office for a growing coastal engineering firm.

The engineering firm owner found a two-parcel lot in the desired area of his previous office, but felt the existing structures built in the 1950s were not suitable to meet the needs of his growing business. He made the decision to demolish the old buildings and redevelop the site. By doing this, he felt he could better meet the needs of his firm while enhancing the historical era of the neighborhood. The new structure is a traditional example of prairie-style architecture and blends perfectly with the established historical neighborhood of primarily residential homes.

The interior of the office is an eclectic mix of historic details and modern conveniences. “The merging of historical features and contemporary functionality is perfectly suited to us. Engineers appreciate authentic architecture but also long for state-of-the-art technology,” stated the owner, who is very comfortable in the new space.

Unique Requirements/Solutions

This project is located in the Riverside Avondale Preservation District of Jacksonville, Florida. New construction projects are strongly encouraged to replicate historical architecture. In addition, the community also encourages green building practices of utilizing renewable resources, low-maintenance building materials and products that maximize energy efficiency.

The architect and builder were not only successful in meeting the owner’s goals for his engineering firm, but also the objectives set forth by the Riverside Avondale Preservation Organization. In recognition for constructing a new building that is architecturally compatible with the historical community, this office building was selected for a 2010 Historic Preservation Award by Jacksonville’s Historic Preservation Commission.

Comments from Project Associates

“The quality of Windsor’s Legend HBR products, as well as the turnkey installation of windows, casing and trim by the distributor, made this the best value for our dollar.”