On Saturday, March 5, 2022, our vinyl production facility in Norwalk, Iowa was significantly damaged by a tornado. We are grateful that none of our employees were injured. However, the building sustain significant damage that suspended production of our vinyl windows and patio doors. After several weeks of hard work by teams of people, the building repairs are nearly complete. We will begin limited production in mid-May.

For the first several weeks, our primary focus will be on producing the orders that were disrupted by the damage. We will not accept any new vinyl orders at this time. As soon as we are ready to accept new vinyl orders, we will communicate with our distributors and post an update in this location.

We are excited to return to normal production and are very grateful to our employees, our suppliers, and the community of Norwalk who have worked diligently to repair this facility.

Mark Rieser

Mark Rieser – President
Windsor Windows & Doors