The Perch is nestled within its environment

When you can’t build out, build up. Windsor loves the opportunity to take on unique home projects and this inventive Austin home renovation was no exception! The Perch is a 660 sq. ft. studio space constructed above an existing bungalow and proof that the sky is most certainly not the limit.

Working within a limited property square footage always poses a challenge when looking to expand the livable space of a home, but architect Nicole Blair was ready to rise to the occasion in order to create something extraordinary.

Stairway up to The Perch
Beautiful view with unique windows
Large contemporary bathroom bathed in light from sun

The owners wanted to remain in their home during the renovation, and to keep their existing garden and backyard landscape intact. To accomplish these goals, shop-built steel was craned into place to minimize disruption to the site.

The design consisted of vaulted ceilings with tilted angles to provide visual interest and the impression of expansive space, while the addition of several Pinnacle casement windows and a two-panel narrow style glass patio door provided an abundance of natural light. The split-level form was selected to create storage and areas for mechanical equipment.

The new addition now rests on four steel columns that pierce through the existing bungalow walls for lateral support, and features an earthy, contemporary color palette. Windsor’s wood clad Pinnacle casement, awning and direct set windows were artfully arranged throughout the home in an attractive, burnt pumpkin exterior finish to complement the warm wood tones of the other building materials.

Softly painted kitchen with unique angles
Sun sets on The Perch as it glows in the sky
Stairway to The Perch

The Perch added a flexible, functional space for the owners within a very compact area and now includes an additional livable area complete with a guest bedroom and bathroom, kitchen, dining room, as well as a hair salon on the second level. The ingenuity of the architect and playful use of materials and color have defied multiple site limitations and challenges to provide an efficient, serene space that is truly one of a kind. 

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The Perch Case Study

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