Windsor’s Glazing System leverages the energy performance of Super Spacer® Warm Edge Technology along with Cardinal LoE coated panes and sheet glass. We've created one of the most thermally-efficient Insulating Glass (IG) solutions on the market.

When the size or composition of an IG unit falls outside of our current production capabilities, Windsor utilizes Cardinal IG. Some of the products that require Cardinal IG include tinted, obscure, laminated and insulated glass over 30 square feet.

The Windsor Glazing System also utilizes the double-strength (DS) glass as standard for all Windsor products: Pinnacle, Legend and Next Dimension. In instances where Windsor previously used single-strength glass, we now use double-strength glass. Double-strength (DS) glass is 50% thicker than single-strength (SS) glass, further improving thermal performance properties.


You can choose from different glass options that have been designed for different environmental conditions and home design preferences.

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