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Completion Date:
October 2009

Gourley Properties
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Scott’s Lumber & Supply Co.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Windsor Product Used:
Pinnacle Wood Clad

The Maxwell Building

Historic Restoration

Project Description

The Maxwell Building located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was renovated by Gourley Properties in 2009 as part of the revitalization of the downtown area. The city’s historic facade easement program promotes the goal of downtown revitalization and historic preservation, and is designed to enhance historic building projects by providing resources to assist in restoring the original exterior appearance of the building. Through the program, the city purchases an easement on the character-defining facade of the building, and the property owner or developer devotes the purchase price to the restoration of the historic structure. This program is funded annually through the city’s capital improvement program.

Unique Requirements/Solutions

Because of the historic nature of the facade, the city of Sioux Falls required that great care be taken to replicate the existing windows during the redevelopment process. Rick Melius of Scott’s Lumber worked closely with Gourley Properties and identified Windsor’s Pinnacle double hung as the perfect solution for this renovation. When submitting plans to the city and to the architects, Rick highlighted the 4" spread mull and matching cinnamon clad color. The review committee approved the selection and has been very pleased with the results.

Comments from Project Associates

Gourley Properties was very impressed with the quality of the windows and how closely they mirror the originals. The Architectural Review Board expressed extreme satisfaction with Gourley’s selection of Windsor’s Pinnacle windows and doors for this project.