West Des Moines, IA — Windsor Windows & Doors has recently made substantial investments in both its West Des Moines, IA and Monroe, NC production facilities. Windsor has recently installed equipment used to make Insulated Glass (I.G.), creating a new glazing system the company can proudly call its own. The exceptional quality of materials and machinery used in Windsor’s Glazing System will be used to produce some of Windsor’s existing product lines, in addition to producing a brand new vinyl window. This enlarged vinyl offering will now include a professional grade window called Next Dimension Pro.

The West Des Moines facility’s 100,000 sq. ft. expansion will house on-site insulated glass making capabilities and the production of the newly expanded Next Dimension vinyl product line. This new vinyl product is aimed to appeal to an even broader audience due to its custom extruded profile, which creates visual dimension and attractive sightlines. Manufacturing in this new facility is anticipated to begin in November 2006.

“The I.G., combined with the precision of the fully automated vinyl manufacturing line and the overall design of the new vinyl product will allow us to produce an innovative product that will be second to none in the industry. This new product will be attractive, easy to install and operate, require virtually no maintenance, and have an outstanding value. We feel confident that it will be an ideal product for the builder and the homeowner,” said Tyler Roorda, Vinyl Production Manager.

Windsor’s manufacturing plant located in Monroe, North Carolina, has also installed this new I.G. equipment. They will begin utilizing this Windsor Glazing System on their Legend Windows in October 2006. The Legend Series is a cellular PVC window with the architectural accuracy and appearance of a traditional wood window.

The Windsor Glazing System is comprised of three unique components that make it superior to others in the industry. Cardinal Glass, a long time industry leader, will produce the LoE2 glass that the I.G. will feature. LoE2 provides benefit to homeowners in all regions across the country. In warm climates, LoE2 keeps a home cool and comfortable by rejecting the sun’s heat and damaging rays, In cool climates, LoE2 glass helps a home stay warm by reflecting heat back into the room.

The Windsor Glazing System will also utilize Edgetech’s Super Spacer, along with a secondary seal of hot melt butyl, to seal the unit and keep moisture out. Super Spacer is 100 percent polymer foam that will reduce conduction, condensation, and sound transmission. These factors result in more comfort and lower utility costs for the homeowner.

The fully automated Lisec equipment was selected by Windsor to create a unique insulating process unlike any other. It automatically washes each piece of glass robotically, applies the Super Spacer, fills each LoE2 unit with argon gas, and seals it to create an insulated barrier. From start to finish the I.G. comes into contact with no more than three people. The robotic equipment provides an extremely accurate and efficient material flow. This entire manufacturing line is the most advanced, automated glass production line in the industry.

Established in 1946, Windsor Windows & Doors markets Pinnacle wood windows and patio doors, Next Dimension vinyl windows and patio doors, and Legend cellular PVC windows. Windsor is owned by Woodgrain Millwork, which is the largest U.S. manufacturer of prefinished mouldings and interior pine doors. Windsor now operates its divisional headquarters in West Des Moines, Iowa and has an additional manufacturing facility in Monroe, North Carolina.

In their total commitment to customers, Windsor Windows promises quality, service, responsiveness, and value. For more information, visit www.windsor