Windsor Windows & Doors is committed to building quality products that perform in the real world, in real weather conditions — from the record rainfalls of the Gulf Coast to the Windy City of Chicago.

Our goal with every product is quality, inside and out. Before a Windsor window or door can be trusted to go into a home, it must first live up to our own exacting standards in the Windsor Test Lab.

Standardization for Weathering the Storm

Testing begins by securing a window in place on our specially-designed wall in a similar manner it would be installed in a house.

Testing begins with a specially designed test wall, on which a window is secured in place similarly to how it would install in a house. Standing 10ft tall and made of ½” thick polycarbonate, the test wall allows us to perform all the stresses a window or door may endure during its lifetime in accordance to the North American Fenestration Standard 101 Testing for air infiltration, water resistance and structural strength.

All test performance data is closely monitored and recorded before the window is approved to face the severe weather of the real world.

Maintaining Windsor’s Standard of Beauty

To ensure Windsor products maintain their beauty season after season, Windsor utilizes a fully automated in-house powder coat application process during which the cladding on each window and door receives a blast of electrostatically charged powder particles that are heat cured to the surface. The powder coat application is then tested for thickness and uniformity, as well as heat testing to ensure consistency from top to bottom and start to finish.

Quality Lab

In Windsor’s Quality Lab we take a closer, hands-on look at individual product parts, testing color fastness, aluminum resistance and more.

We conduct powder coat analysis to ensure the finished product is true to color. We also test for consistency in application as well as adherence and coating levels to ensure the finish will better withstand chips, scraps and scuffs.

Every component in a Windsor product is carefully examined and held to high performance standards — from the silicone-injected frame corners to the extruded aluminum cladding. We also test for the proper hardness of the metal, which is especially important when working with radius or malleable products. Additional analyses include measuring wood moisture levels and the percentage of argon levels between insulated glass airspace.

At Windsor we take great pride our products and regular testing throughout production is just one way we live up to our promise of quality, inside and out.