May of 2013 marked the 11th anniversary of Bike Iowa’s “Bike to Work” month. This event has grown from a few hundred to a few thousand participants. Big corporations as well as smaller companies participate in this annual event. The goal is simple… to get people out in the fresh air and on to their bikes. Once people learn that they have the ability to bike to work, they’re likely to do it more often and even establish a cycling routine. This increases the overall interest and participation in cycling.

This year, there were 37 companies that registered for the event and 320 teams in all of the divisions. Windsor place 3rd overall with 9 participants. These 9 employees logged a total of 108 commutes and 2688 miles. Windsor Strategic Sourcing Manager, Mike Gulick placed 1st by logging 988 miles!

Windsor is proud of these cycling enthusiasts and congratulates them on this impressive accomplishment!