Windsor Windows & Doors recognizes that the company's success is due to the hard work and dedication of our workers. Through company events, branded merchandise and apparel and anniversary gifts, Windsor employees are recognized for their service in many different ways.

Now Windsor is implementing an exciting new program to take employee appreciation a step further. Windsor's “Employee Home Makeover” is designed to improve the lives of those who dedicate every day to building solutions that make people's homes better and brighter.

"We are excited to give back to our team members in an area where Windsor excels—home improvement."
Cathy Leonard, Marketing Communications

Employees are encouraged to submit applications for around-the-house projects that will help make their own time at home more rewarding. Applicants have the chance to check items off their home improvement wish list that they cannot complete on their own, for various reasons - whether it's due to budget, handyman skill levels or simply not having enough time or helping hands.

The program is designed to foster both a spirit of goodwill and teamwork, according to Cathy Leonard, Marketing Communications. "Our coworkers make sacrifices every day to help our company succeed. We are excited to give back to our team members in an area where Windsor excels—home improvement. With this special program, every time you set foot on your updated porch or open your new window, you will be reminded that the people you work with care about you," said Leonard.

As part of the "Employee Home Makeover" project, Windsor will be conducting 4 employee home improvement efforts each year, one per quarter. Cost of materials will be paid by the company, and all labor will be completed by Windsor volunteers ready to roll up their sleeves for their coworkers.

Windsor Employee Set to Receive Home Makeover

Windsor is proud to introduce Pedro Diaz,the winner of the first Windsor "Employee Home Makeover." Pedro works on Windsor's Aluminum Clad Powder Paint line.

Pedro’s home makeover will include replacing his home windows with new, energy efficient Windsor windows, replacing 2 window-unit air conditioners, trimming trees and shrubs and providing new landscaping and patio furniture to add beauty and value to his home.Work is scheduled to take place on September 22and 23.

Windsor Employee Pedro Diaz
Windsor's Pedro Diaz will receive replacement windows, new landscaping and more as part of Windsor's "Employee Home Makeover."

***UPDATE (10/3/16)***

Windsor’s first “Employee Home Makeover” is now complete! Here are before and after photos from Windsor’s home makeover project for Pedro Diaz.

Diaz Home Makeover Before Photo

Diaz Home Makeover After Photo

You can see the newly installed windows and landscaping have already improved the appearance of the home. With the trees and brush cleared out, the Diaz family can now enjoy clear views of the neighborhood and allow more light into the home. The new, high-performance windows will also help reduce the Diaz family’s energy bills.

Watch for future “Employee Home Makeover” projects in the future!