In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share just a few of the heartfelt messages we’ve received from satisfied Windsor customers. Every day, we take great pride in manufacturing a quality product - but it's hearing from people who created a beautiful home with Windsor products that makes it all worthwhile.

Windsor is admired by people who are passionate about performance:

“Windsor's quality, fit and finish of their product make it an easy choice for my builders.”
~Jeremy Butler

Windsor is trusted by tradespeople who demand craftsmanship:

“Windsor products have proven to be of very good quality and this has allowed our company to obtain repeat customers.”
~Mike Benna

Windsor is praised by building professionals who need reliable solutions:

"Our company is well known for having standards that are higher than our competition.We have been using Windsor as our standard for the last 5 years.We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the product, ease of operation, and service."
~Sean Sullivan

Windsor is adored by homeowners for the ability to match styles:

One of things we enjoy most about our new home are the beautiful Windsor windows and doors. They blend in seamlessly with the Tuscan architecture and their functionality is top notch.
~Mike Moone

Thanks to everyone who shared the love! We are dedicated to providing you the very best windows and doors for your dollar.

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