Windsor Windows recently introduced an exciting new product in its Contemporary lineup: the 90-degree corner window. Now you can create a wraparound viewing experience and open up a home to even more of the outdoors.

Windsor's 90-degree corner window is designed with clean, straight lines to allow maximum light into a room. Corner units are available with a glazed corner post, or choose to forgo the post altogether for virtually unobstructed sightlines.*

New Angle, New Opportunities

With the Windsor 90-degree corner window, homeowners get the best of both worlds. Increased visible glass provides a clear view of the outdoors. High-performance thermal ratings maintain a comfortable indoor environment. It's the perfect solution for sunrooms with architectural interest or expansive panoramic views in a kitchen or family room. (These are just a few ideas — get more inspiration with our Contemporary Idea Book!)

The new Pinnacle clad corner window will be constructed with the same low-profile direct set frame, allowing for architecturally correct alignment and sight lines with other Pinnacle clad low-profile direct set and radius products.

Rendering of window corner

Product Details

  • Available in either standard or contemporary stops.
  • Features a nail fin kerf for standard folding fin and drip cap as well as rigid nailing fin and extruded drip cap.
  • Matching 3-degree slope to complement other Pinnacle products.
  • Matching glass position to complement Pinnacle clad casement glass.
  • Keyed, screwed and silicone injected frame corners.
  • Screwed and silicone injected corner post connections to the main frame.
  • Vinyl drip cap and vinyl nailing fin standard on all corner windows. (Rigid drip cap and rigid nailing fins are optional.)

Looking for more information on 90-degree corner windows? Consult a Windsor dealer near you.

*Note: Open units with no corner post will require field glazing by others. Windsor corner window units (glazed with a corner post or open with no corner post) are not structural load bearing units. Openings for corner windows need to be engineered by an architect or structural engineer.