Every April, National Window Safety Week serves as a reminder of the importance of proper window security, installation and education. Window safety remains as critical as ever, with over 5,100 children treated for injuries related to falls from windows each year.

Windsor offers solutions to help prevent potential falls with Window Opening Control Devices, or WOCDs.

WOCDs are mechanisms that limit the ability of an operable window to vent far enough for a person to fall out the opening. While they must manage the opening height, WOCDs must also be easily disengaged to allow escape in an emergency. These devices must also self-engage after reclosing.

Windsor has been offering WOCDs on most of its venting window products for several years with Sash Limiters. Sash Limiters are available for jobsite installation on new construction projects, as well as retrofitting products already in the field. We are currently developing a factory-applied solution for future applications.

Windsor’s Sash Limiters can meet ASTM F2090-10 Standard Specification for Window Fall Prevention Devices with Emergency Escape (Egress) Release Mechanisms when installed per the supplied instructions.

The ASTM F2090 code provides minimum requirements for window fall prevention devices to ensure that they can be easily removed or opened when necessary. Consult your local fire department or building code official to determine proper window guard placement.

These products will qualify as Window Opening Control Devices per ASTM F2090-10 given the following requirements:

  • Installed per the provided installation instructions*
  • ASTM F2090-10 does not conflict with any required building codes including but not limited to egress, fire/rescue access, light and ventilation.

In most cases, Sash Limiters are also available in matching finishes to help complement our window products. Talk to your local Windsor distributor for more information about WOCDs and if they are available for your product.

*Sash Limiters are currently available as field applications only. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure these devices are properly installed and meet all required codes. Cannot be used in conjunction with vent latches (where available).