Summer is filled with sunny days and warm nights. Now’s the time to enjoy your outdoor spaces, whether it’s where you go to unwind or to gather with friends. Here are some tips for creating the perfect patio this season.

Pick patio doors that complement your space. Sliding patio doors may help if you’re short on space or want a screen door that allows breezes but prevents bugs. Swinging patio doors, or French doors, may help open up your home to the outdoors with the feel of a grand entrance.

French Doors and Patio Swing

Coordinate colors, mix materials. Match or contrast the colors of your home’s paint and patio door finishes with your outdoor furniture and decor. Use a blend of rock, pavers, patterns and other materials to add some flair to the setting.

Life of the party…or peaceful retreat? Think of how you will be utilizing your outdoor space. If you will be hosting people throughout the summer, you may want to leave more open areas for mingling or create flow that invites people to continue the party out on your lawn. If more intimate gatherings are what you’re planning, you may want to simply create a cozy gathering space centered around a table or firepit.

Made in the shade. Sure, it’s summer, but too much sun can spoil the fun. Take advantage of existing shade and position your gathering spaces under trees or awnings, or find an area where you can put up a large umbrella.

Shaded Patio Area

A little privacy, please. Want to create a personal backyard oasis, but fences not an option? If you’re looking for a little more “me time,” consider putting up curtains, screens or medium-to-larger sized potted plants. Water features can also help add a natural noise barrier to the outside world.

Don’t bug me! Nothing interrupts a nice night on the patio like tiny, unexpected guests. If you live in an area where insects can be a problem, you may want to include citronella candles or rely on natural bug repellents, such as garlic, mint and rosemary — which can double as added greenery for decoration. (Or keep plenty of bug spray nearby!)

Create a focal point. Add a centerpiece to your outdoor space that will draw attention. Consider items like a fire pit, water feature, outdoor lamp or interesting plants.

Windsor Patio Doors

Just right, day or night. Add soft, ambient lighting that will turn your patio into an after-hours escape. Depending on your climate, you may need to consider more rugged, weather-ready lighting that will survive through wind and rain.

Think inside out. Stumped on how to furnish your patio area? Look to your interior living spaces for inspiration. Use similar styles to make a seamless transition from your home to your yard.

Small spaces, big potential. If you’re limited on patio room, go vertical with vegetation hanging from the walls or trellises to maximize greenery in tight confines.

Your outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home. Use these tips and your own imagination and you will have a patio you can enjoy all season long.

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