Windsor volunteers are back at it again! Nong Snyder, a 16-year Windsor employee and a Machine Operator on the Glass Line was the winner of the fourth Home Makeover Project. The project, originally scheduled for the 26th and 27th of October, got underway a day early due to cold weather.

Windsor volunteers arrived at 8:00am on October 25th to start removing and replacing siding. The paint crew had a short delay while the temperature rose high enough for the paint to cure! What started as a 38 degree morning turned out to be a beautiful day with a 68 degree high!

Nong’s home received new siding on one side, new exterior paint to the siding and trim, as well as a couple of landscaping updates. Eleven Windsor Employees took time out of their day to assist in making this a successful project.

Nong, her husband Brent, their two boys and Nong’s mom all live in the home and are extremely grateful and thrilled with the work that was done.