Windsor’s most recent Employee Home Makeover was awarded to Mary Deming who works on the vinyl paint line at our Norwalk facility. Mary’s optimistic attitude and upbeat personality is contagious and she brings joy to our workplace every day, which is why Windsor was very pleased to award her this home makeover.

Window Replacement

Mary and her husband live in St. Mary’s, IA, a small rural community located about 15 miles south of West Des Moines. Mary’s husband, Rod, has been battling melanoma for several years. As a result, they have not been able to keep up with maintenance on their home for the past 20 years. Mary has been doing various projects around the home when time allowed, but that had been difficult between working at Windsor and caring for Rod. The home’s windows were decaying and very inefficient, causing excessive utility bills and were in desperate need of an upgrade. It is Rod’s wish to see their home renovated to ensure that Mary will always have a safe and comfortable place to live. 20 of Mary’s co-workers stepped up to take on the project and replaced every single window in her home over a two-day period, which will make her and Rod so much more comfortable during the upcoming winter months.

Door Replacement

Mary says she has never had anything new in her life. Most of the furnishings in their home are hand-me-downs. In order to give her home a fresh new feeling, Windsor also provided Marya Menards gift card so she can complete a few more minor home repairs.

Measuring, Cutting, and Climbing

Mary and Rod are very deserving of this home makeover and Windsor volunteers took great pride in helping them improve their property by installing the very windows that Mary works on every day at her job.