Just like kitchen furnishings and furniture styles, the hardware you pair with windows and doors provides a personal statement that can truly set a home apart.

Trends change. Preferences vary. That’s why Windsor Windows & Doors offers several distinctive hardware finishes that allow designers and homeowners to create mood and match décor.* Choose from upscale or understated, traditional or timeless, reflective or reserved.

What does your hardware say about you? Find out below…

Champagne Finish HardwareChampagne

Champagne is a lighthearted, muted finish that provides warmth without going over the top. It can blend into the background or combine with certain color tones to create stylish combinations.

Personality: Whimsical, Easy-going, Reserved

Advantages: Easy to clean, Easy to match, Widely available in matching furnishings

Ideal for: Traditional

White Finish HardwareWhite

The White finish is simple beauty at its best. White hardware can either streamline a home or serve as a strong accent piece against other colors.

Personality: Clean, Bright, Positive

Advantages: Easy to clean, Extremely versatile, Attention getting

Ideal for: Modern, Farmhouse

Black CasementBlack

Black is a smooth, subtle finish that goes with anything. It can be a powerful contrast to lighter colors in a Modern design, or an inviting, seamless complement to darker shades.

Personality: Elegant, Understated, Versatile, Sleek

Advantages: Easy to clean, Easy to coordinate

Ideal for: Modern, Traditional

Bronze Finish HardwareBronze

Bronze is a classic finish that adds a hint of drama and elegance to a door or window. Deep tones with a lighter shine around the edges make Bronze a reliable choice for several design styles.

Personality: Elegant, Sophisticated, Warm

Advantages: Widely available, Consistent look

Ideal for: Victorian, Arts & Crafts

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish HardwareOil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze is ideal for rustic living spaces that need a touch of Old World charm. It’s a living finish that changes over time, giving it a constantly evolving presentation.

Personality: Down to Earth, Natural, Adventurous

Advantages:Grows in character over time, Easy to match, Easy to clean

Ideal for: Mediterranean, Tuscan, Vintage

Faux Bronze Finish HardwareFaux Bronze

Faux Bronze offers deep, rich color without demanding to be the center of attention. An economic alternative to other bronze options.

Personality: Confident, Steady, Trustworthy

Advantages: Long-lasting color, Affordability

Ideal for: Victorian, Traditional

Satin Nickel Finish HardwareSatin Nickel

Satin Nickel is a bright, shining, silver-flecked finish that brings a sense of lightness to a home. Satin Nickel is often a finish used by Mid-Century design enthusiasts and embraced by free spirits.

Personality: Bright, Upbeat, Adaptable

Advantages: Great accent to dark colors, Extremely versatile, Long-lasting shine

Ideal for: Victorian, Mid-Century Modern

Bright Brass Finish HardwareBright Brass

Bright Brass is highly reflective, and its golden sheen offers a vintage appeal that goes great with older homes. It carries a confident shine that celebrates a bygone era.

Personality: Flashy, Bold, Warm

Advantages: Widespread availability, Easy to match other hardware/fixtures, Durable

Ideal for: Colonial, Vintage

Brushed Chrome Finish HardwareBrushed Chrome

Brushed Chrome is a popular finish thanks to its versatility. Slightly brighter than its Satin Nickel counterpart, Brushed Chrome offers a light luster that is alluring without being arrogant.

Personality: Flexible, Friendly, Approachable

Advantages:Affordable, Easy to clean and maintain, Durable

Ideal for: Bauhaus, Contemporary, Commercial

Polished Chrome Finish HardwarePolished Chrome

Polished Chrome has a brilliant sheen that makes hardware pop from its surroundings. Chrome’s unmistakable appearance makes it a popular option that can adapt to many design styles.

Personality: Energetic, Reliable, Proud

Advantages: Affordable, Easy to match, Widely available

Ideal for: Modern, Farmhouse, Art Deco

Antique Nickel Finish HardwareAntique Nickel

Antique Nickel is a darker, richer nickel finish that provides a sense of warmth and maturity. Subtle highlights in the finish add character to the hardware.

Personality: Respected, Reserved, Confident

Advantages: Natural, slightly distressed look, Great accent to lighter colors, Appropriate for historical renovations

Ideal for: Vintage, Victorian

Antique Brass Finish HardwareAntique Brass

Antique Brass shines with rich, brown shades and golden undertones. Its gold and caramel coloring offers a calming influence despite a high-gloss finish.

Personality: Inviting, Sophisticated, Calm

Advantages: Unique coloring, Appropriate for historic renovation, Easy to clean

Ideal for: Victorian, Colonial, Modern

Please note: Recommendations and home styles are provided as a starting point. Be sure to compare products and mix and match to make it your own style!

*Not all finishes available with all products.